Issues with permalinks for SEO


I have several questions about permalinks on Jekyll. I am using a standard Miniva theme.

And I create a post with permalink: /:categories/hello-haha. And my URL like this: It`s awesome and all working good.

But if I add a slash (/) on end of the URL, Jekyll doesn’t redirect page to not slash version (I mean from /hello-haha/ to /hello-haha). That’s mean, that my post available from two different URLs, that not good for SEO.

And the second part about Standart About Jekyll page. If I go to About page, I see this URL: And if I remove slash from the end of the URL (/about), it will do redirect to /about/.

But if I edit about.markdown file, and set permalink like permalink: /about, permalink don’t changes, and keep /about/ view (with a slash on the end).

Sorry for bad English friends. Hello from Russia, love you all!

where are you hosting? on GH?

I use a trailing slash on all urls personally, using urls with no trailing slash may need a server to do it properly? I think GH supports it to an extent though.

You need to make sure that all your links use one or the other, and then have a sitemap that matches, and then you should be ok. I don’t think google is just going to randomly try different urls. I suppose someone could post a link to your site though and that could be incorrect. Which gets back to maybe you need a server to control the urls better and enforce one or the other.

Thank you for the answer! I am working just on my desktop (Windows), not server.

If I host website on server, I should working with .htaccess for setting redirects?

Please sir, let me second question. I am looking to _site folder, that generated by Jekyll. Into this folder I see jekyll folder, and into the hello-haha.html file (it`s my post).

Can I get this file (post) with url, where .html prefix on the end of the url? And it will be also different url…


you can have the .html extension if you need it by adding it in the permalink like /:title:output_ext more info here:

best bet is to play around with the different settings and see what they actually do.