Possible to have too many posts in a folder?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to have too many posts in a folder eventually. And if so, how can they be broken out?

Context: I’m using Jekyll as a daily journal (after leaving Day One) and am making 3-5 posts per day. They are all in the /journal/_posts/ folder. I have some different tags set up to help me slice and dice when reading/searching. After a few years of doing this I now have 800 md files in that directory.

Thinking about future-proofing here, is this going to be a problem ever? And if so, is there a better way to organize things? Like pulling out posts for a certain year into some kind of subdirectory?


Don’t know that it could ever be a proble, but Yes, you could organize that.
for example:

Depending on how you have your permalink set up you might see something like

So you might want to make those prettier.

I organize my posts in folders by year and then by month. I think I have pretty permalinks configured, so when the site builds, the posts get flattened into the root directory rather than remaining in the source folder structure.

I wouldn’t worry too much about running into any number limits. I once had a project that contained a collection with 70,000+ files (have since moved to running from the _data folder with no issues as well).