No-Style-please theme question


I want to set jekyll theme noo-style-please which I downloaded from github - GitHub - riggraz/no-style-please: A (nearly) no-CSS, fast, minimalist Jekyll theme.. The theme supposed like this demo - no style, please!

but in my jekyll looks like that:

I think I set up the theme properly. I put into index.markdown layout: home, about.markdown layout: post, welcome-to-jekyll _posts - layout: post. In _config.yml I put theme: no-style-please and I set im gemfile - gem “no-style-please”

I just have blank page without this option from screen one. Can anybody help with that, maybe some of you using the same theme. I will be appreciate for help. Im just a new from the jekyll :slight_smile:

do you have links to your repo and your live site?


I have the source on my on-prem but I upladed to the github - jekyll/site at main · AdrianManiek/jekyll · GitHub that;s my config files.

I think you need a data file for the menu to show? not sure if you get that with a theme or not (I don’t use theme’s so I’m not familiar with them).

Maybe ask on the repo for the theme?

Thanks for help. I got a help from github. This steps resolved the issue:

" I solved it using Download ZIP.
First, Delete all of my Jekyll blog directory
Second, Copy and paste theme to my Jekyll blog directory
Third, Edit code (update version to 4.2.2) (#45)
Fourth, Edit _config.yml → baseurl: “” (blank)"