New convert - <3

So I’m a new convert, I’ve been delaying for years converting from wp.
But this month the bug got me, so I started conversion.

I also took the time to work through the chrome audit tool and fix just about as much as I can.

And learned about structured data, staticman, and service workers along the way. (not sure I’m using service workers correctly just yet?)

Original: (will be up for a few more days)


I’m comfortable with bootstrap so everything based on that.

I’m now moving on to converting all my other sites, and might start looking at material design (just for the fun of it)

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nice work, looks good!

On pingdoms speed test you went from a C to an A…

Switched to Jekyll 3 years ago, after 6 years of Drupal. Never looked back!

have migrated another
All bootstrap and jquery (nothing more)