My website does no work after installing Jekyll


I have a problem with Jekyll, I had until the Wordpress installed on my site that worked but I wanted to change.

I therefore uninstall Wordpress by deleting the wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-include folders and delete the database.

I then installed Jekkyl following the steps on the official website but my site does not work anymore it sends me the error “HTTP error 500”.

Thank you in advance for your reply and have a nice day

well, not a lot of info here. Do you have an actual jekyll website?

do you have control of the web server? maybe it is just looking in the wrong place for the root of the site?

normally you would not install jekyll on your server, you would just put the _site folder there (or its contents) and let the web server handle serving the site.

Why not you are trying to host your jekyll site free in Github?