Livereload CSS only

Is there any way to make Livereload to only load the CSS in case of a change, without refreshing the whole page?

Remember being able to do that when I was working with Middleman, but no luck yet with Jekyll

Just to be clear, I still wanna watch HTML or MD files for changes
But in case of an SCSS change, would like Livereload to only reload the CSS, not the whole page.

This was added back in core v3.7.0

jekyll serve --livereload


Livereload does work, not having issues.

What Im saying is:
Livereload loads the whole site every time a change is made.
Doesnt matter the file type, it reloads everything.

I would like to know if is possible to only reload a CSS file if only that file was changed.
Like a soft reload.

I saw it doing it in other environments, but not on Jekyll.

You can use Browsersync instead. I do this using Gulp/Grunt tasks.

It’ll just inject any CSS changes to a page.

Thank you @mmistakes

Not sure if is the best way to do, Im not a developer…
But manage to do running this:

browser-sync start --files "_site/assets/css/*.css" --proxy "localhost:4000"