Livereload not working on blank projects

jekyll --livereload does not seem to work for some reason on blank themes, but works fine on the default minima setup. OS is linux.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. jekyll new --blank livereloadtest
  2. cd livereloadtest
  3. create a valid html5-hello-world in index.html and save
  4. jekyll serve --livereload --open-url --verbose
  5. open up the browser devtools, reload the page and confirm in the network tab, that there is a websocket-connection open
  6. change something in the index.html and save it

Take note of the following:

  • Livereload should show a connected browser (yes, log says “LiveReload: Browser connected”)
  • jekyll should recognize the changed file (yes, log says “Regenerating: 1 file”)
  • livereload should recognize the change (yes, log says “LiveReload: … done in xxx seconds”)

Expected result: the browser page is reloaded

Actual result: the browser page does not reload.

If I go through the same process, but instead of scaffolding a blank project I use the default minima-theme, I get the expected result.

Any ideas why it does not work, although the livereload.js is properly injected and the websocket is open?

Could you open an issue on Jekyll’s repository?