Jekyll serve --watch


Again a newbie question:

Customizing my own theme:
After very change in the code, stop/start the server manually.

Searching for jekyll commands automated reload the browser after every change my code:

jekyll serve --watch

jekyll serve --livereload

My experience, the --livereload works when changing the content, but noting works when change theme’s code.


I found the problem.

My custom theme locate here;

My Jekyll project locate here:

And the ‘serve’ command execute in the myproject folder. So i think that the command can’t detect the changes in the ‘external’ themes folder.

Is there a solution for this?

Sorry for my poor english :smirk:

You are developing the theme in other site.

Version used in the production site us the publised version of the theme.

If you want to see changes as you commit them in the theme, you have to edut the theme and make the development in the production site directly.

Uf you develop it separetly, you tedt ut some where else and ehen you deploy a version you update the production site.

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Oh okay, i understand :slight_smile: