Website in local host is not being updated when I reload my browser tab (Ubuntu 18.4)

So whenever I make any changes like I changed the title in _config.yml file and try to see the changes by reloading the page in the browser the website never gets updated even with a hard reload ctrl + shift + R.

However, if I stop the server from the terminal by using the ctrl + c command and then again start the server by bundle exec Jekyll serve command then I can see the changes that I have made in the website. So, now I have to stop the server and then start the server again every-time I need to see changes in my website.

I am extremely new to Jekyll, so that is why this might be a stupid question but please help me resolving this issue as a welcome to Jekyll community! :slight_smile:

Please see the screenshot attached below for your reference!

correct - jekyll does not watch the config file so you have to stop and restart to see any changes there.

and Welcome!

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if you use Gulp you can set it up to watch it and rebuild on changes to the config or any other file, but it can be a little complicated.

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Thanks a lot for your help!!

Yes, I had gulp installed previously. I deleted it considering gulp being the culprit of my frustration :smiley:

fwiw - I found this watch.rb script useful: