Jekyll Vs Ghost


I have about 3/4 blogs on Ghosts.

Is it advisable to get a blog per see without a project but just a blog for blogging purpose?

I want to know how the development pace is, what are the road maps for Jekyll. Seems this is a side feature and not a core product, what are the hopes that this could be a serious blogging platform?

hmm, I guess it depends on what you expect and mean by serious. It is an open source project, I’d say it is fairly mature (?) at this point though it still gets regular updates.

I’d describe it as a static site generator that started out as a blog platform rather than a focused blogging solution/app. Things like comments are not likely to ever be a core part of it as that is not very static friendly - that said there are options out there for comments.

Jekyll does a lot of different things for different people, and the GH pages integration is probably more important to it that anything to do with blogging.

Just my 2 cents as a user.