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leela52452 personal space

a simple blog with few tweaks to conform color contrast of wcag level AAA

Link to the repo

I built my portfolio with Jekyll + AMP.

I love Jekyll!

Personal site, showing some work done. It was hand made HTML page. Found out about Jekyll from some job requirements. Tried some JS static site generators — nah, overcomplicated. Moved old site to Jekyll (visually almost no difference), added webpack to enable JS components.
Tip: use / in the end of permalink/ to generate paths with folder/index.html pattern (instead of permalink.html)

Mark Thomas Miller (Personal Blog) - is my personal blog. I’ve written tons of articles about code, design, entrepreneurship, books, and more. I’ve tried a few different static site generators, but I keep coming back to Jekyll because it’s so clean and delightful to use. I built the theme myself and included a JavaScript snippet that auto-darkens the page for nighttime reading. Hope you enjoy!

(There’s no public repo, sorry.)

Man that looks like a cool product!

Whats the turn around for a custom map?

Thanks! Customs I’m building in about 2 days time. App is in progress to automate this and should be done soon. If you’d like a custom one now lemme know, I would be happy to make one for you.

Game Boy Essentials -

My ongoing project to document the games needed to understand the appeal and history of the Game Boy. I’ve moved the site from my own terrible Bash script to Jekyll a year ago and I have never looked back. Learning to use Jekyll for this site gave me the confidence to jump into LaTeX to produce the book version of my articles.

alternatyves is an illustration and design portfolio site built with Jekyll and Tachyons. Would love to hear feedback, since it is still very much an experiment/work in progress.

My Affliliate Marketing Jekyll Premium Theme


My Jekyll Apps Landing Page Jekyll Theme


Marcos Urios Portfolio -

Hi! I’m a new graduated Multimedia Engineering from Alicante, Spain, and this is my Portfolio. I’ll publish a blog with interesting things, my projects and some things about my life. I’m Full stack, but more experienced in backend side, and I love any rendered 3d thing, in Web or in CGI :grin:

Link to the repo -

A blog about engge game engine -

This blog is about the development of engge “a game engine (almost) able to run Thimbleweed Park game”, just that.

All source code is available at

New theme open-sourced! Sidey is a simple and minimalistic Jekyll blogging theme.


  • Responsive design
  • Inline CSS
  • Anchor headings
  • Search
  • Tags & tag pages
  • Security headers (for Netlify hosting)
  • 404 page
  • Compressed CSS and HTML
  • 100/100 score on Lighthouse, Page Speed Insights & Webpagetest
  • Robots.txt
  • Atom & Json feeds
  • Sass
  • Seo optimized (Twitter cards, Facebook Open Graph,
  • Ultra-fast (Only ~5kb of CSS)
  • Sidebar navigation

Source code:

Film Storyboards

Film Storyboards is a portfolio site rebuild with Jekyll and Tachyons after it crashed on WordPress.


bitsgalore blog -

Design-wise a fairly simple and basic blog that serves as a home for my writings about digital preservation and file formats. Originally built this back in 2014 using Jekyll Bootstrap and Twitter bootstrap, but I’ve tweaked the original layout quite a bit since then.

Link to repo -

Name -

API Documentation Course. A free translation of the Documenting APIs: a guide for technical writers course, compiled by Tom Johnson, Amazon Technical Writer. is an e-commerce site, with Gumroad integration built with Jekyll and Tachyons CSS.

The Buckfever Underground -

This is my band’s website. I used the minima theme and moved over old content. I like the way I added an include file for images with borders and include file for adding bandcamp music player. Also I found a neat way to layout a collection of _music albums where each album contains track pages including lyrics.

Link to repo

Octave | Mobile App Development London -

Built this using Jekyll to showcase my mobile app design and development work.

I’ve opened sourced the code:

Would appreciate any feedback! Thanks

SFZ Format -

Open plain text file format for defining the behavior of virtual musical instruments used previously in Cakewalk software.