Jekyll Picture Tag ends abruptly with no error messages

Hi all,

I’m running jekyll on my windows 10 machine with this ruby installation “Ruby+Devkit 2.7.X (x64)”. Also, I’m using the newest version of Jekyll Picture Tag which recently switched from imagemagick to libvips making it very fast.

Now, I’m experiencing a “funny” issue: when I start “bundle exec jekyll serve” or “build” it converts just a few images and then ends abruptly without showing any error - it just ends. Even --trace or --verbose do not bring any errors. As I disabled JPT resulting in no issues, I presume it something todo with JPT.

Did anyone of you had any similar issues? On netlify the JPT conversion of the images runs smoothly without any issues, same on my other machine (Macbook Air M1).

Regards, Francisco

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