Big Jekyll Picture Tag update incoming!

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a big update to Jekyll Picture Tag. It started out as a refactor, but it pretty quickly turned into a ground-up rewrite.

The configuration process should be easier, compatibility with old liquid tags is maintained, and you can now supply multiple image formats. Markup formats have been cut back to only stock HTML (both <picture> and <img>), but adding new formats for various javascript libraries should be easier with the new architecture.

It’s ready to merge into master yet; I’d like to do more testing and improve the documentation further. You can see the new update on the refactor branch. I’ve documented the changes, their motivations, and how to migrate from older versions under in the root directory. The readme file is mostly up to date in that branch as well.

If you’d like to test drive it, check out a new branch and put the following in your gemfile:

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'jekyll-picture-tag', git: '', branch: 'refactor'

I’d love some feedback and help testing it, especially on existing sites using the previous version. Try and update, tell me what the pain points are. Cryptic error messages? Undesired behavior?