Jekyll/GitHub Pages cannot load custom Liquid tags

I’m trying to use jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin to add multiple languages to my site hosted by GitHub Pages. I know that the plugin does not natively support GitHub Pages (for ambiguous reasons) but I’ve found a modified script that fixes this issue, jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin.rb. However, GitHub Pages still does not recognise the custom tags in my HTML files.

I don’t see what the problem is unfortunately. The site compiles with no error:

Configuration file: E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_config.yml
            Source: E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid
       Destination: E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_site
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
Building site for language: "id" to: E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_site/id
Loading translation from file E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_i18n/id.yml
Moving '_site/id/assets' to '_site/assets'
Building site for language: "en" to: E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_site/en
Loading translation from file E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_i18n/en.yml
Building site for language: "fr" to: E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_site/fr
Loading translation from file E:/Users/Pradana/Documents/Repos/umarsaid/_i18n/fr.yml
Build complete
                    done in 0.641 seconds.
 Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use --watch to enable.

And when I run it on a local server, there’s no issue whatsoever.

There’s something inherently wrong with Jekyll and GitHub Pages in this.

A .rb file is still considered a “plugin”. GitHub Pages doesn’t allow you to use arbitrary Ruby code that isn’t in the form of whitelisted Ruby gems. They do this for security reasons.

If you absolutely want to continue using GH Pages to host your site you can build locally and push the generated files. Or use one of many CI services to automate it. Search the forum and the web as it’s a really common ask.

You can also consider switching to GitLab Pages which is a competitor to GitHub. I’m pretty sure they allow Jekyll plugins and some other niceties too.

Thank you for the reply! I’ll sure take GitLab Pages and CI services into account.