Liquid Exception: Liquid syntax error (line 59): Unknown tag 'imager' in /github/workspace/_posts/

When I apply a jekyll template to Github Page, it fails tot build and deploy.
The error information is Liquid Exception: Liquid syntax error (line 59): Unknown tag ‘imager’ in /github/workspace/_posts/

How could I solve this problem?
Thank u.

What template/theme are you using? Github Pages only allows a fixed set of plugins, which probably doesn’t include imager. To use custom plugins, one can build the site locally and deploy _site to Github Pages, or setup a Github-Action to do it.

Possibly you’re using the typing-jekyll-template? There’s an issue that sounds similar:

Yes, you found it. The template I use is typing-jekyll-template.
Now I can run this project locally and visit localhost:4000 successfully.
But if I push it to Github Pages, it fails to build.

The template README say:

NOTE: Typing Jekyll Template does not support atomic compilation in Github Pages due to its own plug-in feature and some settings that the theme provides. You need to run the project clone on your machine, compile the site, and deploy it to the Github pages.

So a Typing-Jekyll site can’t be compiled by Github-Pages, but you can still use Github-Pages as a “dumb” web server. For example, you could locally build the site and then publish the _site directory to a repo or branch, and then configure Github-Pages to server that repo/branch.

Hi @chuckhoupt,

Do we need to push the _site in the repo as well because my error is similar as well, that is when Github uses actions to build with an error that Liquid syntax error (line 24): Unknown tag 'marginfigure' which I believe corresponds to the same error mentioned above.
I am using Tufte-style-jekyll-blog where I have customised a lot of scss to reach my current style.

This is indeed the same issue with Github pages only allowing a fixed set of plugins. If you intend to build your site locally and upload the rendered website to Github, you should directly push the contents of the _site directory to the root of your repository.

On the other hand, you could also set up a custom Github action that would allow you to use any plugin in Github pages. I can help with that if needed

@pcouy Yes indeed, I would be grateful if you could help me with that. And I do understand that we need to build the site locally first and then push it under /root for gh-pages as I have done the same, but there is something wrong or there is something wrong done by me that is not making it successful.

Please let me know how we can connect, I would love to seek your guidance for the same.

Can you post a link to the github repo?

@pcouy I apologise for replying late. My project is private now and not ready to be public, so I can add you to the repo as a contributor, if you could share your github username, I believe it is pcouy. I can send the link right away after receiving confirmation from your end.

My github username is indeed pcouy. However, please note that I won’t be able to take a look at it until Monday

Hi @pcouy, I went busy with some work and wasn’t able to remember this thread. Please let me if you are able to look in the matter now