I am new to Jekyll and Github and web development in general.

I was able to successfully download Jekyll to my old Mac Book Pro and even was able to see my My Awesome Website in my browser. (It took a few tries).

Before I did this I didnt understand how it all worked and successfully made an html website in my github and when I try to implement the Hacker theme - of course it didnt work at all. I think i fiddled with the configuration file so i might have messed it up… not sure.

Then I realized I had to set up ruby and Jekyll in my system. So i have done all that now.

How can I get jekyll to apply that hacker theme to the html file already in github?

How can i make a new file in md and get it to work with Jekyll them in my free github site.

Thanks for any guidance.
Scott B

I don’t think you can apply a theme unless you have a jekyll site - so if you just created some html files on your own I don’t think GH can just apply a theme to it as plain html does not have a concept of a theme.

You’re kind of asking ‘how do use jekyll’ which is a little difficult to answer in a forum post.

Since you have jekyll working locally, try making a new file there and see how it goes.

The main jekyll site has a tutorial or there are lots on youtube. I didn’t really understand jekyll very well until I watched a bunch of tuts on Youtube. @BillRaymond has made a bunch lately:

Thanks for answering
Yeah I kind of felt like I was asking
“How do you use Jekyll?” too :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I’ll keep working on it!

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the forum is best for when you are stuck on something specific - and then if you post what you tried and what errors you got and can post links to your site and your repo you can get lots of good help.

Well thank you, @rdyar!