Jekyll command bundle exec jekyll serve automatically loads site made previously

I am working with Jekyll on a new project. I created a new project by running jekyll new [folder name] then ran bundle exec jekyll serve. However every time I run that command files from a former jekyll project get put in the folder! I am not using this project anymore (more of me learning jekyll on my own) so I even deleted the folders. Still, this old site files get loaded.

I even tried serving the site over a different port number (4001, not 4000), and uninstalling and reinstalling the jekyll gem. What is going wrong? Thanks!

Check your _config.yml and Gemfile to make sure you’re not using the Minima theme. jekyll new enables it by default.

You’ll want to take a look at what theme: is specified in your config file.

Can you re-run bundle exec jekyll serve with two additional parameters and post the output here in the thread?

Here is what your entire command would look like:

bundle exec jekyll serve --verbose --trace

You should see waaay more verbose output than usually and it’s okay, it might have clues where these “old” files are picked up from.

Also, double check that you are running jekyll serve in the correct site directory. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve tried and failed to build a project only to realize (after several minutes of head-banging) that I was in the wrong folder… :roll_eyes:

That’s a very good one! :+1: