Jekyll collections don't generate pages

I have been stuck creating a page for my lab-group for the past 6 hours.
The code is in our GitHub, and I have been following the Jekyll docs on Collections.

Basically, I have edited my _config.yml file as follows:

    output: false

In the contents/_workshops/ directory, I created a file

title: "Cellular deconvolution"
label: workshops
layout: default
published: true
date: 2023-07-10
blah blah

Now, as far as I know, Jekyll should create a static file for each file in this directory in the _site directory upon live-reload. However, it does not do this. I do not understand why, though.

I do have a page (workshops.markdown, which uses the layout workshops.html) that (in the layout) iterates of the workshops collection, and this does render my page title, date and (if I ask it to) the contents of the file on this static page. Therefore, the only issue is the generation of the static page/file in the _site directory.

I have followed a bunch of other tutorials and questions/answers on how to fix this as well, but nothing has helped so far. I am pretty sure I am the problem, but I just don’t get it.

Your help is very much appreciated!

have you tried changing this to true? if it is set to false it won’t output any pages by default.

From Jekyll’s documentation on collections :

When defining a collection as a sequence, its pages will not be rendered by default. To enable this, output: true must be specified on the collection, which requires defining the collection as a mapping. For more information, see the section Output.

The error was that I had a page (_pages/workshops.markdown) generated into an index file _site/workshops/index.html. This interfered with the collection called workshops. All was fixed once I added the line permalink: /workshops.html to the header of _pages/workshops.markdown. This, unfortunately, is not in the collections documentation, and I think should be.