Collection files not getting rendered

I am new to Jekyll and trying to create separate pages for each ‘.md’ file in my collection.

Under _config.yml I have defined:

# Collections for website data
    output: true
    permalink: /:collection/:path
    folder: _modules
    sort_by: date

  # Define which collections are used in just-the-docs
    # Reference the "tests" collection
      # Give the collection a name
      name: Modules
      nav_fold: True

Below is the directory structure of my “_modules” collection


When I am testing locally, I can see the link to each module, but for each link I get 404 not found

Example for the first module: the generated link is - Which gives the error 404 not found

Why are the sub-pages not getting rendered. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

how are you building the link?

also check the site folder to see where they actually are and then why your link isn’t the same. My guess is they are being rendered your link is just not correct.

Sorry I am quite new to this, could you explain what you mean by “building the link”?

Regarding the path in the site folder they are under “_modules/” and the collection name is “Modules”, so the correct link would be correct me if I am wrong

in your file where you are looping thru the collection to make the links, what does that look like? what is the code that makes the href/link?

In the _site folder you see a folder named _modules? I think that is in the root of your site (the main folder) not the _site folder. The _site folder is what jekyll generates.

and what are class and anlp2024 in that url? one is probably the base url?