Jekyll 4 Speed on Build

Any chance Jekyll 4 will have speed enhancements for build process? I love Jekyll and Liquid but on some larger sites it take forever to build. Just curious…

@bgarrant Yes. Jekyll 4 will bring performance improvements.
If you’d like to take it for a test-drive:

  1. Edit your site’s Gemfile as follows:
    gem "jekyll", :git => "", :branch => "master"
  2. Install the dependencies
    bundle install

Disclaimer: Jekyll 4.0 is still under development and includes breaking-changes

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That is great to hear. I am excited to try this out!

see also Help us benchmark Jekyll

Based on the other topics, one might exptect a 15-40% lower build time.

Here’s an example of a refactored Jekyll website (around 1000 posts and pages) using current master, with 2000% improvement:

Step Done in…
1 - Before 1337,872s
2 - Switch to liquid-c 1509,997s
3 - Remove LSI 1264,981s
4 - Switch to CommonMark 1282,607s
5 - Switch to master     64,94s
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