Help with experiment

Hello everyone! :wave:

As part of optimizing Jekyll for v4.0, I’ve opened a new pull request

I’d love it if you guys here (especially those who have large sites using numerous includes) could use that PR’s branch to give a test-run and see if there’s a significant improvement in the build times between the PR branch and Jekyll’s master branch:

gem "jekyll", git: repo, ref: "refs/pull/7542/head"

Thanks in advance.


There’s a significant gain for my rather large site. Knocked about 40 seconds off the build time!

3.8.5 master refs/pull/7542
121.766s 83.576s 86.019s

jekyll-seo-tag seems busted with these changes, but everything else looks good from a glance.

Thank you for testing.
But, I was looking for the comparison between the master branch and the PR branch since it has already been established that the master branch is significantly faster than v3.8.5

P.S. jekyll-seo-tag will be fixed around the same time Jekyll 4.0 is finalized.

I completely missed the part about testing against master. I’ve amended my numbers above. Looks like the PR branch took about a 3 second hit compared to master.

Oh! That’s a big hit albeit unexpected though.
Thank you very much Michael. :+1: :+1: