Installing local fonts

Hi, I have issues when installing local fonts. So far, they don’t render. I would like to know what are the standards for doing it with Jekyll. So far my steps have been:

  • I have a fonts folder (within assets) and putting there each set of fonts files I’ve previously selected;
  • Within my _sass folder I have _fonts.scss. Here I am not sure what’s the best way for Jekyll to handle it. I’ve read that asset_url is the best one, but I’d like to double check if the url path needs to have only the font folder name and the font file name, or I need to include all path till assets folder;
  • main.scss is importing the fonts.scss and I can see that within _site, main.scss includes in its css the new local fonts;
  • The html page I want with these new fonts, has a layout: default in its front-matter;

Besides of that, no errors shown in console, and I am not sure if I should add a specific plugin, or that there is a specific configuration for the _config.yml, or the Gemfile I am missing.


Are you using Jekyll Assets plugin? are you trying to do this locally or using GH pages to host?

I would think so - unless you are using Jekyll-Assets in which case I have no idea as I don’t use that plugin.

I don’t think there is anything specific you would need to do with jekyll to use a custom font.

Maybe you are doing something silly and not actually using the font in the css? if there are no errors in the console that could be why.

When you look at the console and look at the css is it calling the font you want?

Is there a public page we could look at?