Implementing New Theme & Custom Domain

As the title suggests: I have recently decided to use the Hydejacked theme (by @qwtel), and I have also tried to implement a new custom domain. which I purchased via GoDaddy. The whole site is hosted using Github Pages. However, I have been having trouble actually publishing the site online.

My repository is available at:

When I try to publish, Github gives me a vague PageBuild Error. Anyone know what this is about? Might it be due to the fact that I very recently deleted my old repository which used the same domain to host the previous website?

Thank you very much!

For project pages, Github looks for a gh-pages branch. You’re currently publishing to master.

Alternatively, you can use an Organization Page by changing the name of the repo to With Organization Pages, Github pulls from the master branch.

If you use an Organization Page, any new repo with a gh-pages branch will get published automatically to This may or may not be desired.

Relevant docs: