Imagines aren't loading in preview or live page

I’m following this guide to try and setup the website, however when I try to add an image to test how this works, I get the image to load either in preview or live.

This is what I have so far

title: First post
date: 2022-9-23 12:00:00 -500
catagories: [blog]
tags: [randomthoughts]

# Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!

## Photo

![picture of jigen](/home/josh/Documents/GitHub/RadiantHero6/pictures/jigen.png)

I was able to get the local preview to load the img with

<img src="/home/josh/Documents/GitHub/RadiantHero6/pictures/jigen.png">

but on the live page I still get the error

ERROR `/PROJECT_NAME/home/josh/Documents/GitHub/RadiantHero6/pictures/jigen.png' not found.

any help would be appreciated.

that part kinda looks like it is the base_url - but locally you wouldn’t need it. How did you run this? using jekyll build and then your own webserver? or was this from jekyll serve which should work.

Check and see if there is a baseurl value in the config file and remove it if so and see what happens.