Images don't load on sleek jekyll theme

I’m using the jekyll theme sleek. I’m having a problem with the images loading. I used gulp to format the images, but whenever I run sudo jekyll build (I’m running sudo because I’m serving it from a server using apache so the site is owned by www-data not me). I have the images in /_img/posts/ and then gulp throws them into /assets/img/posts. But I get this little icon instead:14%20PM

I’m not sure why they aren’t loading. Lemme know if theres anything for me to do!


can’t tell you much without a link to the live site, and ideally the repo of the source.

I would think the chrome inspector console will tell you what the broken url is, and from that you can probably figure it out.

  1. Can you share the code gulpfile.js code?
  2. What’s your baseurl?
  3. Are you using relative or absolute url with your images?