Images in or out of the repo?


Perhaps this is a stupid question but it’s bugging me a little bit.

I’m wondering what is the opinion of the community about out of the repo hosting images in service perhaps like imgur, or similar?

I understand that 1GB should be more than enough if you don’t publish an incredible amount of photos in a blog, but in the end they are blobs and doesn’t have a lot of sense to track them with Git. LFS isn’t also an option since it doesn’t work with GitHub pages.

What is your opinion?

I host all kinds of stuff on aws s3 - works well for me. Course the site is on there too. But I am speaking of images/videos kept in their own bucket on s3, outside of the web project.

but do you pay the hosting or are you talking about the free tier? Doesn’t the free tier just last one year?

it is so cheap I don’t care. I’m not on the free tier for it as I have quite a bit on it. My understanding is the free tier is only for a year - but I have other AWS services where the free tier seems to keep going every year so not sure.

I would guess the several websites I have on there cost me $1-2/month in total if that. Granted none of them are very busy.

Thanks a lot for this info. I’ve been toying with the idea to work more with AWS, but since I don’t know what is going to be the bill, I just don’t.