How to set up redirects properly for the site on Azure Static Webapp using Jekyll

Hi all! We made a static website using Jekyll on Azure Static Webapp and faced a dilemma on how to properly set up different types of redirects necessary for SEO and not only.

Some of the main redirects that we need are:

  1. Support Non-Trailing Slash Urls - redirect the Urls with / at the end to the url without it

  2. Remove .html - by default the same pages on jekyll are accessible both with .html and without it, I would like to redirect pages with .html to the same url without it

  3. Implement lower case url rule - so that when typing the url all the upper case letters would convert to the lower case by redirect

  4. http errors - 404 page - by default Azure’s page is shown, I would like to show our own version of it.

The main question is how to implement all these properly. Should we configure redirect in IIS (for example using these list: IIS Rewrite Rules and Resources - RewriteGuide) or there is another way to configure them using Routes (Configure Azure Static Web Apps | Microsoft Docs), or any other.

What is the best option for such configuration? I searched and didn’t find any detailed guide on this in the internet.

Hopefully someone with direct Azure experience can chime in, but the Jekyll way to handle redirects is by using the jekyll-redirect-from plugin. That should cover your first three use-cases (if memory serves me right).

I prefer this solution as A) it allows you to port your full site to any host (Github Pages, Netlify, AWS S3, Cloudflare Pages, Vercel, etc) as the need arises - no vendor lock-in, and B) it keeps the site completely serverless - I use Jekyll specifically so I don’t have to monkey with any server settings.

As for the custom 404, most hosts I’ve seen honor a custom at root. So in root, you’d just add:

layout: default
permalink: /404.html

# 404

Page not found! :(

If you don’t hear from anyone on this forum with direct Azure experience in the next day or two, I’d suggest asking again on an Azure-centric forum. Among the big cloud providers, AWS S3 is somewhat popular in these parts, but I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning Azure.

Good luck!

Relevant docs:

Thank. I tried to install and set up the jekyll-redirect-from plugin, but it seems that it can redirect only specific url to another one. I didn’t find any general rules I’ve requested above or the opportunity to write complex logic. In the description it works like - set up the new url you’d like you current page to be redirected to. It seems that I have to search for the solution on server side. Anyway, thanks for the help!