How to get this in Jekyll (post on twitter)?

How to achieve this result in Jekyll?

This looks like simple onHover CSS or JavaScript… nothing to do with Jekyll…

Looks like they’re using Twitter’s Tweet Web Intent API. There’s little magic to it, basically it’s just a standard link with some parameters for prefilling out tweet text, hashtags, @usernames, etc.

Then you dress it up with some CSS to add a Twitter icon. If you really wanted to get fancy you could create a Jekyll tag plugin that would do the heavy lifting for you.

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@yashumittal, do you have a link to the page where it can be found? I can try to reverse-engineer that for you (just for fun).

Sorry, I don’t remember the link from where I took the screenshot.

I think it’s from Invision App’s blog. They’re just dressing up text links to pull off this technique.