How to copy home page template to other page?

Hello everybody!

I’m making a short website to view my portfolio. Can you help me with me issue?

I need a help with copy this marked container to anoher page (to music and graphics on header). Now there are a posts from _posts but on this way, to able eneter another contents. How i can do that?

It’s open-licenced urban-theme

A link would have been useful but i tracked down the theme myself.

The theme has a default layout

That uses the container div that you need

It puts your page’s content in the div for you

Or you can use the page.html layout which uses that layout.

So you just have to do this for

title: My page name
layout: page # or default

My content here.

If you want to have the grid pattern then you can make a for loop to display what you want instead of posts.

Thank you very much. I’m reading about this in documentation and other sources and learning jekylle now. My problem is solved. I think it’s great tool to make simple pages! Jekyll rule!

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