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Does anyone know why my Minimal Mistakes theme is numbering (the tab of) my static, single page Home as “Anderson Brito Page 3”?


Thank you

  1. Looks like you’re on an old version from a few years ago. Upgrade to the latest version, can’t remember but there might have been a fix for this.
  2. Disable Jekyll pagination since you’re not using it on the home page. There is some logic in the seo.html include that adds “page x” to pagination home pages. Could be a bug in that logic, which goes back to #1 and updating the theme.
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Thank you very much. I’ll try to update the theme.

Changing the logic of site.title worked for me.
I’ll update the theme once I have some free time.
Thanks a lot

Old version
<title>{{ seo_title | default: site.title }}{% if paginator %}{% unless paginator.page == 1 %} {{ title_separator }} {{ site.data.ui-text[site.locale].page | default: "Page" }} {{ paginator.page }}{% endunless %}{% endif %}</title>

New version
<title>{{ seo_title | default: site.title }}</title>