Generating multiple paginated pages from a data file


I am exporting the logs of a Discord server to a large .json file and trying to display them using Jekyll. I would like to show each channel as a paginated separate page e.g. /channel_name/page1 The other limitation that I have is I’m using GitHub pages for hosting.

I currently have a single page rendering the entire server history by looping through the json data.

I’ve searched online and found that it’s a little tricky to get data to work with generating multiple pages and pagination. I am able to change the output of my dump from a single .json to multiple, or do some of the pagination as part of the export process if needs be.

I was hoping someone might be able to point me to where to start.

I’ve mostly solved this by creating my own Generator plugin, which seems to be supported by using custom Actions on GitHub

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if you can share what you did others would likely be interested…

Hi, how do you solve it? I need it for present separate pages for my clients. But have them all in one json file. Thank you