Generating complete new pages using data input?

First post here…

am creating a product catalogue. I can generate the multiple

s to display the products on one page (in a grid), but don’t see how to create new individual pages for each product from within Jekyll.

I have a workaround for now, a python script that creates the individual pages from a template, that Jekyll then picks up on and finished generating the site.

Any other ways to do this?

yeah, it would be cool iif Jekyll could do it on its own but it can’t, so your solution sounds about right.

Check out the jekyll-portfolio-generator plugin. Creates a new page for each data item in a collection.

Looks like it could be made to work, but…

Getting to the point where I have new / little-used tech / lock-in tech overload from the last few weeks experiences
Think i will stick with my current approach, I understand it, and it’s as flexible as I need it to be, and I can extend it easily if I need to.
Plus it looks like I will be ‘pythoning’ my CMS into the project as well. Which is another story…