Footnotes - Links in square brackets, like on Wikipedia [plugin]

hello community,
Can you please tell me if there is a plugin that does this in Jekyll?

I need to put a link [1] and make a footnote at the bottom of the page with this link, like on Wikipedia.
The link itself [1] is an anchor that leads to the section at the bottom of the page (References)

They are called footnotes, a feature interpreted by the Kramdown engine:

This is my content[^footnote1] [^footnote2]


[^footnote1]: This is a link to [Jekyll forum](https://talk.jekyll.rb)
[^footnote2]: Simple note

To add the brackets use the CSS styles:

a.footnote:before {
  content: "[";
a.footnote:after {
  content: "]";

Thanks for the help. I don’t even need a plugin. Jekyll can do a lot out of the box.

I can also place href in a footnote:


Another text[^2].

My text3.[^my_footnote].

[^1]: [Source](
[^2]: [Source 2](
[^my_footnote]: [This also works fine](
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