Need some help implementing Bigfoot.js with Jekyll

I am new to Jekyll and have struggled with it for some time. I can write posts, build locally, push to Netlify etc but when it comes to this particular modification, I can’t seem to find any good documentation on it.

I want to implement Bigfoot.js footnotes on my site because inline footnotes are just better. But for whatever reason, I can’t seem to get them to work on my particular site. @mmistakes has tried to help but YAML, Liquid, etc, are all unfamiliar to me coming from Java and JavaScript.

You can take a look at my repo to get a better understanding of what is going on.

I’ve added YAML to my custom.html and added the jQuery and Bigfoot scripts there and also the compiled Bigfoot css. But I can’t seem to get it to work and when I look locally in the console there aren’t any errors .

Can someone lead me in the right direction?

can you give a link to a page on your website where something should be happening but isn’t? I looked at a couple posts but didn’t see anything that stuck out.

Under the let subheading there is a footnote. Let and Const.

It doesn’t look like a Bigfoot footnote and there are no console errors.

If you’re having trouble getting the CSS and JS squared away you could try this plugin that does all that for you.

Just drop a tag into your layout and away you go.

Also I don’t think you’ve included the Bigfoot CSS into your layouts/includes unless I missed it. You have the .scss file for it in /assets/css but unless you link it up it’s not going to style your footnotes.

Drop that in the head alongside the JS you added.

Yep. Figured it out. Had to edit the CSS a bit but it works.

Thanks for all your help.