Create a help template?

Very often, folks post issues with their site, sharing logs or generalities that are hard to grasp without seeing the problem. To work with the poster, people trying to help regularly ask for a link to the repo and or a link to the website, because it is usually easy to see the issue and help debug the problem.

Is there an opportunity for us to create a help template that asks the user to share their repo and or website? I am not asking for a dialog box or anything like that… just some text that appears as help text when creating a “Help” post.

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Yes a pinned post would help for people to see a template.

Or even if not pinned we could still link to it saying Oh it looks like you left out a bunch of info in your question. See the guide and then please add more details to your question like links and screenshots.


## Summary

Describe your problem in one sentence. 

## Environment

Your OS, Ruby version, Jekyll version, link to website and repo 

## Steps to reproduce

If a bug, steps someone else can follow to reproduce, with sample output. A numbered list or screenshot is helpful.

If this site actually let’s you have a tempalte for new issues like Issue / Pull Request templates work that would be neat

Also newbies often have issues with being unable to post links. Maybe remove that limit. Since people often overcome it with a hack like example DOT com