Conflict: The following destination is shared by multiple files

I’m getting these messages when running the server

> ~/myblog$ jekyll serve --livereload
Configuration file: /home/********/myblog/_config.yml
            Source: /home/********/myblog
       Destination: /home/********/myblog/_site
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
       Jekyll Feed: Generating feed for posts
          Conflict: The following destination is shared by multiple files.
                    The written file may end up with unexpected contents.
                     - index.html
                     - index.markdown
                    done in 0.903 seconds.
 Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/home/********/myblog'
LiveReload address:
    Server address:
  Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.
        LiveReload: Browser connected
[2021-06-06 08:50:44] ERROR `/favicon.ico' not found.

Found this closed issue at Getting Error: "Conflict: The following destination is shared by multiple files." · Issue #8522 · jekyll/jekyll · GitHub , yet I’m not running a plugin. There is an index.html and an index.markdown file in ~/myblog, ;the index.html file was created as per Setup | Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites

Yet I don’t see the modified index.html file. Was the index.html file meant to reside in ~/myblog/_site ??

hmmm, I had not seen that tutorial before, not sure why it tells you to make an index page, I would have thought it would start with jekyll new my-project-name to make a new project. At a minimum I thought you had to have a config file?

At any rate, you should not have both an and index.html, they will over write each other in the site folder.

So pick one and delete the other. This is probably why you don’t see your change, the other file is probably over writing the one you edited.

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Agree with that. and index.markdown are equivalent and will output as index.html in _site

While index.html will output as index.html in _site too but without processing markdown.

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I don’t understand the question here but nothing should be permanent in _site. It should not be added to version control (git and github). And the directory contents will be deleted and replaced when Jekyll runs so any changes made manually in there will be lost.

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Okay, thanks. The one I edited is in ~/myblog, and it is still intact, yet had no bearing on what I see/view in the browser. I’ll delete it.

Great thanks, that makes sense now.


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