Config option to limit height of code blocks?

I would like to set a line-count limit for my code blocks so that blocks exceeding the limit have a vertical scrollbar.

Is it possible to do this with config settings? I’m sure I could work out some kind of overflow setting in the styles, but web UI isn’t really my thing and if at all possible, I’d prefer to stick to whatever templates work with Github Pages.

If it can’t be done with config, I’d appreciate any pointers about where to start with the CSS. (I sort of suspect that sooner or later I’ll end up pulling in a template anyway. Can’t resist fiddling with things…)

You’ll need CSS to this. You’ll likely want to set a max-height and play with the overflow property to get scrollbars when needed.

Thanks, I sort of assumed that would be the case.

Kind of funny, around the same time you were answering, I posted the same question on a page on minimal-mistakes, I’m planning to switch to your theme soon. You’ve produced some pretty amazing docs for a theme!