Cloudflare and Jekyll

Has anyone tried hosting with Cloudflare? I saw a couple of articles and the performance of a Cloudflare hosted site seems exceptional.

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I host my personal website on GitHub Pages + CloudFlare and while I wouldn’t say it’s exceptional, it’s pretty good.

It seems easy, like Netlify. And much simpler than GH Actions.

The supposed speed benefit is that instead of using Cloudfare CDN indirectly within Netlify or GH Pages, you use Cloudfare directly.

You might not notice the benefit though unless you are running speed tests from multiple locations on two identical sites. Or maybe if you have an asset-heavy site then you’ll see a (possible) improvement on loading a 1MB file faster, where loading a 1kb file loading faster is not going to be noticeable.

Here are some resources for interested to use this new CloudFare product


Building for Jekyll, React etc.

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