High traffic blogs running jekyll

Hi all,

I’m looking for some high traffic (>10k visitors/month) blogs running Jekyll, to study them a bit before I start to improve my own. Now I have this long list: https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/wiki/sites

What would be a smart way to get their traffic numbers (maybe in a postgres db or via google sheets) so I can sort them?


Here’s a good example of how switching to static on a high traffic website makes it 10 times faster:

You’ll find other high traffic static websites like SketchApp or ICIJ (Panama Papers) on https://www.thenewdynamic.org/showcase/

Static sites are way faster, because you don’t depend on real-time queries on a database. Content is cached and ready to be served.

When it comes a static site hosting the generator itself does not matter very much (except if you build every 2 minutes), as it’s the result of the build who is served to everyone. So it’s mostly about the network latency, the CDN and the front-end code quality, e.g. whether or not you provide a good performance (and go full PWA that you can check with Lighhouse. That’s what the Washington post did, one of the top 50 US websites., even if it’s not entirely static.

What do you want to study? If your content is somehow static I strongly suggest you to use static website generators. They are very Very fast, 100% secure, very cheap, and they almost don’t need any maintenance.