Clean-blog theme: How to add another post-like section?

jekyll version: 4.2.2

I am using the clean-blog theme and I would like to add another post-like section. Thus, I would like to have the default post section plus another section called projects which stores posts as well.

I would like to reuse the post layout for the projects related posts as well, so no need for a new layout.

Here is what I have done so far.

First, based on other similar questions and jekyll’s tutorials, I have added the following in my _config.yml:

    output: true

Then, I have created a new _projects folder in the root directory in which project-related posts will be stored.

Moreover, I have created a projects folder, in the root directory as well, which contains a index.html file. At this moment this index.html file is just a copy of the analogous file contained within the posts folder; I have just modified the background image.

Finally, I have added a Projects button in my navbar.

At the time being, when I click the Projects button in my navbar, I am redirected to the Projects section but the projects-related posts are not listed.

So, I think that the next step is to properly modify the content of the aforementioned index.html. However I am stuck at this point because I do not know exactly what to modify. I have tried several thing but none of them has worked so far.

Can you please help me?