Can I use Jekyll for big sites (with many posts)


I want to create an SEO Niche site on Jekyll about dog’s training. In my plans, my website will have around 1000 posts (big articles, each of them will have 2000+ words and 10+ images).

Please, tell me. Can I use Jekyll for the site, like it? I read that Jekyll can’t generate 1000 posts. And this process will take several days.

Although my sites will have clean code. And I will not use plugins. But there will be many long articles (posts) with pictures.

What do you think about it? And sorry sir for bad English.

where did you read that? minutes maybe but certainly not days.
It would be no problem for 1000 posts.

This blog has over 1600 posts and builds in about 38.411 seconds, using Jekyll 3.8.5, hosted by GitHub Pages. Categories and tags can add a lot of build time, especially if you use plugins.

It shouldn’t be a problem for a well written Jekyll site to handle thousands of posts. If build time becomes an issue, you could always test the site with only a selection of posts when you want to change the site design.

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Thank you sir for the answer! I’m just reading articles, like Jekyll comparison to other SSG.

And many bloggers write, that Jekyll’s site generation time is low so much. And I was worried about it.