Benchmarking Jekyll

Couldn’t find a way to reply to original thread so I’m Continuing the discussion from Help us benchmark Jekyll:

Didn’t try replacing Kramdown with jekyll-commonmark but building my fairly large site saw some nice improvements using master. Was already using jekyll-include-cache so didn’t need to make any changes there. As far as I can tell nothing broke with 3rd party plugins I’m using either.

3.8.5 master master + liquid-c
cold start 158.217s 101.445s 102.931s
on rebuild 153.399s 88.427s 89.743s


Thanks @mmistakes for taking the time to benchmark with your site. That’s already a nice improvement.

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No problem. Appreciate the work the team has put into optimizing and caching. Can’t wait for all this to land!

Here’s another benchmark, on a rather large number of posts, with several plugins like jekyll-assets, the gain is around 17% just switching to master (no other perf optim applied):

Thank you for posting the benchmark @mmistakes

Additionally, If you know any large open-source site using our “globbing in front matter defaults” feature, do let us know, we’d like to gauge performance using the following pull request: