AWS Amplify Previews

I’ve been using AWS Amplify Previews for github pull requests but I am unable to get any links to really work. That’s because jekyll b uses JEKYLL_ENV=production which I can change but I can’t seem to find where amplify will give me a HOST for me to replace my url:.

Has anyone set this up?

I haven’t used Amplify, but I’ve used similar facilities on Netlify, etc. Usually a Jekyll site will work fine no matter what the hostname or url config. Possibly you are using absolute URLs for internal site links? The Jekyll docs recommends using relative URLs.

Typically, the value of the url parameter is only used in a few places. For example, some <head> elements like the canonical URL and the Open-Graph URL require a full absolute URLs (e.g. – but those are only relevant to search/social-media. Otherwise, all links are relative (e.g. /about/).