Architect theme - Replace header/banner image and github logo/button


As the title says, Architect header/banner has a blue graph like image as the background, and a ‘view project on github’ button.

I would like to replace these but not sure how if anyone can help please?

I went into /images and replaced header-bg and github-button with new images using the same file names. But nothing changed and stayed the same.

Much appreciated thank you.

I can’t see what you did without a repo link so I am going to cover the basics.

Don’t edit the theme directly. Do overrides in your repo

Have a look at the paths in the theme such as on github and mirror them.
If it was assets/foo.jpg in the theme, then you must match the path exactly in yours. Same goes for layouts, includes, etc files.

Build the site locally. Have a look at the contents of the _site directory to see what gets build