_Pages format issue

Hoping someone can help. The posts on my site ( have recently started having format issues. I’ve not changed any of the original posts written in Markdown or any config. I’ve posted a screen shot to show what is happening.

Many thanks,


Doesn’t look like a Jekyll/GitHub Pages issue. I’d check the path to your CSS file. It’s likely missing a / and not resolving correctly.

Thanks mmistakes. That seems to have got the graphic working, but now got an issue when I select a page and the side title banner is taking over the article page. Any thoughts on what setting and file needs tweaking ?

So the front page is fine, but click on a link and this is what the article page displays, when the banner should be on the side and not covering the screen:

Exactly same issue you’re having with your theme’s CSS… the paths to all of your assets are wrong and likely need / before them.

Jekyll has built in filters that will do this for you, specifically relative_url.

If you open your browser’s web developer tools it’ll show you all the assets it can’t find. Looks to me like a bunch of images, and Javascript. I’m guessing main.js does some layout stuff for the sidebar and since it’s not loading your layout is messed up.

mmistakes, you were quite correct. I’ve gone through it and now working like it should. thank you !!!