Converting Markdown file without Front Matter


Is there any way how jekyll would convert .md (markdown) files automatically, without installing and using the jekyll-optional-front-matter plugin?

The weird thing is that I have one local site where this just happens: I have a bunch of .md files and jekyll serves them fine, but none of the files has a front matter section. I am really puzzled why that works. I thought it shouldn’t should it?

This is the site where this happens:

If you add the .md extension to any of the non-directory URLs, or to the directory URLs, you will see the original markdown file and that none of these files contains any YAML front matter.


GitHub Pages using jekyll-optional-front-matter as a dependency. It’s loaded automatically, so that explains why having .md files without front matter work on your GitHub Pages hosted site.


Also if the .md files aren’t working and they’re outside of normal Jekyll folders you’ll need to add them via the include array in your _config.yml file.


Ahh thanks that totally explains it! The other dependencies looks quite useful as well.

Is there any drawback of using the github-pages plugin for a site even if the site is not hosted on github?


Only drawback would be if you want the bleeding edge version of Jekyll and/or need to use 3rd party plugins GH-pages doesn’t whitelist.

Though if you’re self-hosting I’d say go with Jekyll gem and add the plugins GH-pages uses in your Gemfile.