Prevent Jekyll from processing Markdown files (which are supposed to be downloaded)

I expected many people to have asked this question but after hours of looking for a solution, I haven’t found what I need.

I use my website to host lecture material and that includes Markdown files (R Markdown files to be more specific, extension ‘Rmd’). Annoyingly, I haven’t found any way to tell Jekyll not to process .Rmd files — since the YAML preamble is gobbled up in the process (to no purpose, whatsoever, needless to say).

Rmd files are to be processed by R then rendered anyway; for that reason, a fairly obvious solution would be to be able to tell Jekyll, ‘you know what, whenever you see an Rmd file, deal with it as you would have done with a PDF or DOC file, just copy it as is’.

(Obviously, the idea of including an empty YAML frontmatter on top of a YAML-containing Rmd file is pretty revolting :wink: )

Does that possibility exist? Because I haven’t found it.

If a file has the two lines of --- Jekyll will process the file.
If you want it to ignore Markdown files or any other file just omit those lines.

For example say I have /lectures/ and it has Markdown content in it. Jekyll will ignore it and place it in _site/lectures/ untouched.

Thanks for your reply.

The problem here is precisely that Rmd files do use YAML front matters themselves. So they look exactly like files that Jekyll would like to process.

If the Rmd files are in their own folder, you could add it to the exclude list in _config.yml.

UPDATE: I entirely forgot to mention that you would then need a Gulp task or something similar to copy the files to your _site folder. Sorry for any confusion!


Thanks, I’ll read about this thanks. Yes, your update was useful! :slight_smile:

is there an easier way? like, e.g., a capitalized file extension that is ignored for markdown->html conversion??