Best CMS for Jekyll sites


What is the best CMS for Jekyll sites? Been playing with Forestry and it seem nice. It also saves and builds silently which is great for clients. I build sites for small business owners so looking for best experience for them. Is forestry the best or anything else I should look at?


NetlifyCMS is the best.

It’s free and open source.


Netlify CMS looks great also. Just curious what makes it better than Forestry or CloudCannon?


They’re all different and have specific features, e.g.:

CloudCannon has front-end visual editing,
Forestry has custom blocks and menus, integration with Cloudinary for image management,
Netlify CMS has a publication workflow and instant preview, it’s also extensible and customizable if you know React.

There’s no absolute best, it’s up to your clients to which one they prefer and what you expect from your CMS.

You can find a whole list on

And there’s also API based Headless CMS like Prismic, Contentful or Strapi if you have to fetch content from different destinations through a Content API.


Thanks so much. These all look great.