Why is my Jekyll build on Github Pages complaining about not cosed tags, that are closed?

I try to build my documentation for Github Pages. After pushing, i receive the following error message:

The variable {{ path('hello', {name: "Fabien"} on line 64 in providers/routing.md was not properly closed with }}

Line 64 is

{{ path('hello', {name: 'Fabien'}) }}

I think this code is right. What can i do about Jekyll not recognising this? Thanks

that doesn’t look right to me - are there 2 variables? path and name? can you explain what you are trying to do?

This shouldn’t be variables at all. This is just documentation for a PHP Framework using Twig templates.

This is the code, which was converted from .rst to .md by pandoc:

    ``` {.jinja}
{{ path('homepage') }}
{{ url('homepage') }} {# generates the absolute url http://example.org/ #}
{{ path('hello', {name: 'Fabien'}) }}
{{ url('hello', {name: 'Fabien'}) }} {# generates the absolute url http://example.org/hello/Fabien #}
I want a result like this (scroll to the end of the page)

ah - so it is example code but jekyll is interpreting it as liquid.

You may need to wrap it in {% raw %} {% endraw %} so that it is not interpreted, but this may mess up your formatting. You may need to play around with it to get what you want.

I don’t have much experience with what you need unfortunately, hopefully someone else can chime in.

Great thanks. I’ll try that.