Code block interpretation

I would like in a Jekyll website to make documentation of the hexo framework.
I build a code block like this:

triple backticks
{% pullquote right %}
text explanation
triple backticks

But Jekyll returns:
Liquid Exception: Liquid syntax error (line 6): Unknown tag ‘pullquote’ in

It should consider as comments what I write, no ?

Jekyll first processes files with Liquid and then converts Markdown to HTML, so any Liquid inside a Markdown code-block is first Liquid-evaluated and then Markdown-converted.

To avoid evaluating the Liquid you can use the raw tag. For example:

{% raw %}{% pullquote right %}{% endraw %}
text explanation
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Perfect !
Thank you …

Indeed use the raw tag. Open it at the start of the page and close endraw at the end if you want.

There is a frontmatter flag that does the same but it is Jekyll 4 only i read